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Daehyun, initially set to play the piano, said there wasn’t enough time to practice. So, Himchan played instead. 

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When I was young, I called Dad whenever I got scared. But now, I call out a different name. Do Min Joon. For the first time, I got a person I love more than you, Dad. From morning till night… I got a person who I want to do everything with. Even if that person keeps pushing me to go away, I can’t take my step. Even if I try to hate him, I can’t hate him. Again and again, I keep dreaming sad dreams where he loves me. Again and again, i’m dreaming a sad dream.

How to intercept your own message, Do Min Joon’s style

"I’f I go alone, I feel like I might get caught. That I’m not the Cheon Song Yi i used to be. To make myself look strong, I painted leopard prints on my nails, but my mind is not strong. I don’t have confidence. I think I might get found out, the current me, that is. Not having money? It’s fine. Money is something that come and goes. But If I get my shabby self found out, I feel like I might really break down. So… if it seems like I’m about to get caught, I’m asking my smart Mr. Do Min Joon to step up for me. “

Someone is jealous…